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Homemade Infant Formula Is Unsafe

The nutritional imbalances and potential foodborne illnesses from homemade infant formula could be life-threatening. For mothers who are unable to provide breast milk for their infants, commercial infant formulas are the safest alternative.

Fish Oil Supplementation during Pregnancy and Lactation

​​​​​​​Fatty fish, like anchovies or salmon, is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids, particularly DHA, are necessary for retinal and brain development. Mothers who eat plenty of fish during pregnancy and breastfeeding may protect their babies from future low verbal IQ scores.

Introducing Complementary (Solid) Foods

It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that babies be breastfed exclusively until about 6 months. At 6 months, a baby’s needs, particularly for certain micronutrients, exceed what can be provided by breast milk alone.

Infant Taste Preference Influenced in Utero and During Breastfeeding

Many parents would like their children to develop taste preferences for a wide variety of foods, particularly healthy foods like vegetables. Food taste and flavor play a large role in food choices and preferences, and both biological and environmental factors influence taste preference in infants.
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