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Research in the InfantRisk Center

Unfortunately little is known about breastmilk, including the transfer of many substances in milk. More than that, we don't understand the basic science of lactation well. For decades, there was not enough interest in these topics. We got tired of waiting for answers, so we started the InfantRisk Center to find answers for ourselves...and for you!

We can't do our research without your help (or your milk). Your breast milk may help give the answers you want to a mother down the line. Pay it forward!

Studies on Milk Samples

Every year we publish studies with information about the transfer of substances into their milk. We focus on drugs, but there are many other topics without information! Take a look at these topics and see if you want to participate in one (or more) of these studies.


Find out if my milk can be used for research

Surveys on Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

We help moms every day with questions about their medications (and more). With little research to go off of, we still know that you as the mother know more than anyone about your situation. Share your knowledge with us in one of our surveys! We will use the information to find patterns among many women. It takes a village! The information is already out there, we just need to make it available. 


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Past InfantRisk Research

Want to see what we do with our research? Here's a look at the publications the InfantRisk Center has contributed to. We're proud of our work, take a look!



Past Publications