Help the InfantRisk Center study Drugs in human milk

Unfortunately, little is known about the transfer of many drugs in milk.  Far less than one fourth of the drugs on the market today have been studied in breastfeeding mothers. We desperately need your help in studying these drugs while you are breastfeeding.

Mothers are calling every day.   We Need Your Help !


Survey of the Use of Cannabis in Breastfeeding Mothers

Do or did you use Cannabis while breastfeeding? Please help us understand more by taking this survey. We do not ask for any identifying information and restrict access to all of the data we collect so that only approved personnel can see your answers, and your name will not be on any of the questions you complete. By continuing and completing the survey, you are giving consent to have your responses used for research purposes.

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Vedolizumab in Lactating Mothers

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, USA is recruiting patients for an important research study. This is a “Multicenter and Open Enrollment model, Postmarketing Study to Evaluate the Concentration of vedolizumab in the Breast Milk of Mothers receiving Treatment with Vedolizumab”. Vedolizumab, also known as Entyvio®, is a prescription medication for the treatment of adults with moderate to severely active ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn’s disease (CD). Its use in this study is investigational. Takeda would like to recruit mothers for this study, who in conjunction with their doctor, have already made the decision to use vedolizumab prior to taking part in this research study to determine just how much of this product enters the mother’s milk.

Help with Vedolizumab research

Cancer Biomarkers

Numerous studies show that the risk of breast cancer is reduced in women who breastfeed one or more infants.  We don't know why.  We are going to expore the presence of certain cancer genes within human milk.  Milk is composed of numerous substance,  include breast cells such as ductal cells, epithelial cells, and stem cells.   By collecting a mothers breastmilk,  we can spin down their breast cells and analyze them for cancer markers.  We hope to be able to provide more answers about breast cancer and the markers present in a mothers milk.   If you are at high or low risk for cancer,  then we'd like a small sample of your breastmilk to determine if we can predict future outcomes with respect to breast cancer.  But we really want to know, why breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer.


Help us do research on cancer biomarkers

Transfer of Marijuana into Human Milk

There are increasing numbers of mothers consuming marijuana while breastfeeding an infant. Unfortunately, we do not know much about the transfer of the active ingredient in marijuana into human milk, nor how much gets to a breastfeeding infant.

We are attempting to do a well-designed, and anonymous study of the transfer of marijuana into human milk and we need your help.

Help us do research on Marijuana transfer into human milk

Low Milk Production, Is it Macroprolactinemia?

Milk production is driven by the hormone called prolactin.  During lactation,  this hormone surges to high levels,  but strangely, some mothers who have relatively high prolactin levels still can't make milk.  This project is designed to look at that mother's prolactin to see if it normal or abnormal.  We can this condition Macroprolactinemia.

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Drug Surveys

We help moms every day with questions about their medications.  Most of the drugs on the market have no pubished data on their transfer into human milk.  So it is exceedingly difficult for my center to give advice on these drugs.  We have started these registries, to ask moms who use various drugs while breastfeeding,  to tell us just how their infant did following their exposure to the drug in milk.  Our objective of these surveys is to get feedback from moms taking various drugs as to any side effects they may have seen in their infants.  These are short survey.  Take a look and help us out.

Help us understand medications better

Drug Studies

Every year my center publishes drugs studies and with information about the transfer of selected drugs into their mothers milk.  Take a look at these drugs and see if you might be willing to participate in one of these studies.  They are really easy,  just collect samples of your milk every few hours, freeze them,  and send them back to my laboratories.  We pay for overnight mailing.


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