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Submitted by admin on 2 July 2020

Donate Milk Samples for Research

Each year we do research to help decide whether or not drugs are safe to breastfeed while using them. We are one of the few centers in the world that do this work...but for us to do any research, we need milk to study. We focus on medications, but we will consider anything that would help breastfeeding moms get answers to questions they have: toxins, diseases, infections, hormones, genetics, you name it.


The list below has medications we want to study. If you are taking any of these, or anything else you think we might find interesting, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. No one other than our team at the InfantRisk Center will use your information.


Some Quick Notes:

  • It takes very little milk (Don't worry about your baby missing the calories!)
  • We give you specific time points that we need milk from based on what we're researching
    • We usually can't take the milk you already have in your freezer. We wish we could!
  • We give you everything you need and pay for return shipping


Sometimes, we get more volunteers for a topic than we can work with. If we already have enough milk for our study but still think your experience can help, we might ask you to share health info in a survey, even if we don't need your milk. This way, you and your baby can still contribute!

Please provide your information below.
Your first and last name.
Please enter the number we can reach you at.
Please select the medication from the list, or select "other" to tell us why you think we should study your milk.
If known, provide the dose and frequency.
When did you start this drug?
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