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Help the InfantRisk Center with Research

Each year my research team publishes numerous drugs studies that tell us whether or not it is safe to breastfeed while using various drugs. Honestly,  we are one of the few centers in the world that do this work.   


But we depend on mothers such as yourself to provide milk samples for my team to study.  If you are taking one of the medications listed below,  or a new or unstudied drug,  please give us your contact information and my research team will contact you to discuss your participation in one of our studies.


Be advised,  that no one other than myself and my team will use your information.


In the last year,  we published 5 new drug studies and have 4 more in write-up stage right now.  But we need your help.  Please give us your contact information and one of my staff will contact you.


To participate in the study of this drug, please provide your contact information below.
Your first and last name.
How would you like to be contacted?
Please enter a phone number we can reach you at.
Please select the your medication from the list, or select other to enter a different medication.
Last Modified 2 July 2020