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Qdenga - A New Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine & Breastfeeding

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  • Qdenga - A New Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine & Breastfeeding

    We have a question about Qdenga - a new dengue tetravalent vaccine since EMA indicates breastfeeding is one of the contraindications. Please suggest. Thank you very much.
    Link: [url][/url]

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    Hello! It looks like Qdenga is a live vaccine. After a quick glance, I suspect this will be pretty similar to the yellow fever vaccines--while it is generally not recommended for lactating mothers, in circumstances where the risk of exposure to the dengue virus is significant and inescapable, the potential benefits of receiving the vaccine may surpass the associated risks.

    Dr. Krutsch


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      Dear Dr. Krutsch,

      Thank you so much for your information - as always. If Qdenga vaccine is required by the mother, can you please suggest the breastfeeding management? Thank you very much.

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        We would rate the Qdenga vaccine an L4. It has not been studied in children younger than age 4, so we do not have data on potential effects. We will reach out to the manufacturer for more information.


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          Dear Nicholec,

          Thank you very much.