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Research in the InfantRisk Center

Unfortunately, little is known about the transfer of many drugs in milk.  Far less than one fourth of the drugs on the market today have been studied in breastfeeding mothers. We desperately need your help in studying these drugs while you are breastfeeding.

Mothers are calling every day.   We Need Your Help !

Drug Studies

Every year my center publishes drugs studies and with information about the transfer of selected drugs into their mothers milk. Take a look at these drugs and see if you might be willing to participate in one of these studies. They are really easy, just collect samples of your milk every few hours, freeze them,  and send them back to my laboratories. We pay for overnight mailing.


Participate in a drug study

Drug Surveys

We help moms every day with questions about their medications. Most of the drugs on the market have no pubished data on their transfer into human milk. So it is exceedingly difficult for my center to give advice on these drugs. We have started these registries, to ask moms who use various drugs while breastfeeding, to tell us just how their infant did following their exposure to the drug in milk. Our objective of these surveys is to get feedback from moms taking various drugs as to any side effects they may have seen in their infants. These are short survey. Take a look and help us out.


Help us understand medications better