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Handling chemo patient

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  • Handling chemo patient

    Hi, I work as a RN and I worked with chemo patient recently. I did not directly administer the chemo med, but handed the med to my coworker to help me administer. ( the meds were covered with double bags). I also took care of this patients body fluid like urine and turning the patient. Would I have to hold off breastfeeding ?

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    It is likely safe to breastfeed assuming you took proper PPE precautions while handling the medication and patient (gloves & mask). If you had direct contact without PPE, it would be reasonable to pump and dump for 2-3 days for extreme caution.

    In the future, it is recommended that pregnant and lactating women avoid contact with chemo patients and medications for personal safety reasons.

    Gilani, S., & Giridharan, S. (2014). Is it safe for pregnant health-care professionals to handle cytotoxic drugs? A review of the literature and recommendations. Ecancermedicalscience, 8, 418. [url]‚Äč[/url]