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Cefuroxime and Bactrim

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  • Cefuroxime and Bactrim

    I had a breast abscess drained and the doctor put me on 2 different antibiotics : Cefuroxime and Bactrim for 10 days. Now I understand her thinking as to why she wanted to cover her bases but wound is not invasive and I did not develop any fever or mastitis. My son is breastfed and is 16 weeks (will be 4 months on Christmas). I'm more worried about side effects of Bactrim. Should I pump and dump with his age? Is it better to drop the Bactrim and just take the Cefuroxime? The culture and sensitivity wont be ready for another 4 days.

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    We recommend using your providers antibiotic recommendations for your treatment - your care is just as important as your son's Short term Bactrim exposure in a 4 month old is not likely to cause issues. You could do half fresh an half frozen milk if you would like to be exceedingly cautious. You may consider adding an infant probiotic or taking one yourself to avoid GI side effects.


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      Thank you and happy holidays if you celebrate!