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InfantRisk Recommendations for Common Medications while Breastfeeding

MommyMeds for Moms

MommyMeds is the premier health & safety app for all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Ensure safe breastfeeding and care of your baby while using prescription and over-the-counter medication.

Scan over-the-counter medications

Scan the barcodes of thousands of medications and receive immediate, easy to understand information on drug safety and ingredients.

Search over 20,000 drugs and medications

Developed with 25+ years of research by ‘Medication and Mothers’ Milk’ author Dr. Thomas Hale, PhD MommyMeds brings an entire database of up-to-date safety and care practices at your fingertips.

Push Notifications with Recent News & Research

Receive notifications with new information on drugs, research, and breastfeeding news.


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InfantRisk for Healthcare Professionals

The InfantRisk App gives health care providers fast, convenient access to up-to-date and evidence-based information about prescription and non-prescription medications and their safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Safety Ratings & Information 

Reliable safety ratings and other information on more than 20,000 drugs.

Drug Recommendations by Condition

Major lists of appropriate drugs for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers for various conditions like headache, nausea, and allergies.

Medication Search

Search by product name and/or sort by category to obtain product safety information and indicate if that product is safe for use.


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