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What vitamins can I be taking during pregnancy?

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  • What vitamins can I be taking during pregnancy?

    What vitamins can I be taking during pregnancy?

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    Most any vitamin can be taken during pregnancy, but ONLY use moderate to low doses. NEVER use super high doses. All such vitamins should contain folic acid ( 0.6 to 1 mg).

    I advise moms to ONLY use commercial pregnancy vitamins as prescribed by your OB, as they have everything a baby needs, and they do not overdose.

    The overdose of some vitamins(vitamin A) , is really dangerous. Stick with pregnancy vitamins.

    Tom Hale PhD.


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      The admin is right. Ideally, you should ask your OB to prescribe you a prenatal vitamin. They usually contain the right amounts of the vitamins you need such as folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin d. I can recommend vitaminexpress's hilife ([url][/url] ([url][/url])). I used to take these during my pregnancy and I had a very healthy baby. But also, you should make sure that your diet supports the nutrition you need for pregnancy. Eat good portions and eat healthy food.
      Good luck for your pregnancy.
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        the list of supplements you can find at this article [url][/url]
        don't forget about balanced nutrition!


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