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  • Vitamins

    Hi. I tried to call a couple of times to get answers about the suplements I take right now. I am almost 5 weeks along.

    I take mercury free fish oil 1200mg,
    turmeric curcumin 500mg,
    Choline and inositol 250 Mg,
    amino acids bcaa comple 1000mg plus l-glutamine and Bvitamins,
    cal-mag-zinc 500MG calcium 100IU vit D3, 250mg magnesium, 12.5 mg zinc betaine HCI 50mg, glutamic acid HCI 40mg,
    prenatal vitamin(which I assume is safe so I won't list all the sub ingredients)
    B Complex and vitamin C 250 mg vitamin c, 7.5 thiamin, 8.5 riboflavin, 50 mg niacin, vitain b6 10mg, folate 665mcg DFE, B-12 50 MCG, pantotheric acid 30 Mg, magnesium 100MG, L-Thenine 50MG, Holy Basil 10mg.
    Amino Essentials vitamin B6 8mg, L-glutamin 62mg, L-Aspartic acid 36 Mg, L-Tysosine 34mg, L-Leucine 32mg, L-Valine 32MG, Taurine 30MG, L-Phenlalanine 29mg, L-Proline 27MG, L-Lysince HCI 26 MG, L-Isoleurine 24mg, L-Serine 24MG, L-Alaine 20MG, L-Threonine 20MG, L-Methinine 18mg, L-Arginie 18 MG, L-Gycine 16mg, L0Histidine HCI 14MG, L-Cyseine HCI 8MG, Pancreatin 8MG, Bromelain 40GDU, Papain 34,000 USP units.

    And I occasionally take for sleep Quietude which has: Hyoscyamus niger 3CHPUS, Nux moschata 4c HPUs, Passiflora incarnata 3x HPUS, Stramonium 6x HPUS
    and sometimes I take this for sleep too: Rescue Plus which contains 5MG melatonin, Elderbery jice, white chesnut flower extract, clematic extract, start of bethlehem extrac, cherry plum flower extract, rock rose flower extract, and impatiens flower extract.

    Thank you for your help.

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    which vitamins is need for your entire body


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      I would advise you at 5 weeks to avoid taking all these strange substances and ONLY take a standard prenatal vitamin. I don't know that some of this stuff (Hyoscyamus niger 3CHPUS, Nux moschata 4c HPUs, Passiflora incarnata 3x HPUS, Stramonium 6x HPUS) is safe during pregnancy.

      Tom Hale Ph.d.


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        Hi everyone. I am new here. So once again which vitamins we take during the pregnancy? Thanks


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          I'd suggest the Standard Prenatal vitamins with 1 mg Folic acid.

          Avoid those vitamins that have herbals or excessive levels of various vitamins. Stick with the old standard ones.

          Tom Hale PhD.


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