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    I am a Lactation Consultant in a large Pediatric Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. I have a mother who is wondering about the safety of the Roden and Fields Redefine product. There are many ingredients that I can not find in Dr Hale's book. I've been doing some research and this topic has been posted before, but a very long time ago. From what I have learned it would seem Dr. Hale leans towards the product being relatively safe. I wanted to check this forum to see this could be confirmed.

    I appreciate the time ...thank you

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    Most of the ingredients are probably ok as many are not well absorbed through the skin, but there are no studies on most of them either. Dr Hale has looked at the ingredients for the Rodan and Field products before and suggested the 2 meds that stood out to avoid were the hydroquinone because it is ion trapping and salicylic acid on a daily basis because of high absorption. Occasional use of salicylic acid on small areas such as the face are probably ok.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center