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Asthma - Treatment if Normal O2?

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  • Asthma - Treatment if Normal O2?

    Dr Hale,

    I'm 6.5 weeks pregnant.

    I was having some issues with asthma before becoming pregnant, but the last 2 weeks things have gotten very significantly worse.

    My version of asthma is dyspnea. I don't have difficulty with exhale, my difficulty is purely feeling like I'm unable to take a full breath. It's unsettling for sure, and the majority of each day in the last 2 weeks I struggle to take a complete breath in.

    While it's uncomfortable for sure, I use a pulse oximeter regularly and my O2 always shows up around 98. So completely normal.

    I would like to confirm that even when I feel I'm struggling very much to breathe... That the baby is not at risk if my oxygen levels are showing up normal.

    Second, I'm hoping you can tell me what level of a risk you consider ventolin to be. In pregnancy in general, and in the first trimester specifically.

    My fertility specialist said that if my pulse ox is showing up at 98 that the baby's fine, and to only use my inhaler if I feel I really need it. So I've been holding off for now... But frankly am very uncomfortable.

    Mostly I want to confirm that the baby is definitely not at risk, and then to what level the ventolin inhaler would be a risk.

    Thank you.