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Anti-anxiety medications during pregnancy

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  • Anti-anxiety medications during pregnancy

    I recently found out that I am expecting, and I have both severe social anxiety and cervical dystonia which makes it difficult for me to drive or function off of medication. I am currently taking Ativan 1mg 2x/day to control both of these conditions, but I understand that I may be putting my baby at risk by remaining on this medication. On the app, Ativan is stated to have a "positive evidence of fetal risk", including fetal loss in animal studies, while Klonipin states that animal studies have not found any birth defects at all. If I must remain on this class of medication, is it a good idea for me to switch to Klonipin? Or is Ativan likely the same except there haven't been enough studies done?

    Also, if I am able to switch to a safer medication, could you please let me know what other medications you would recommend for me to discuss with my doctor that would help with my conditions?

    Thank you for your help.

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    You need to discuss your situation with your OB. While the benzodiazepines are not ideal for pregnancy, neither is untreated anxiety disorder. Another choice might be Zoloft. Discuss this with your OB.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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