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  • Tizanidine

    I am currently breastfeeding a 9 mo. old and have been prescribed tizanidine 4mg to take every 8 hours. Despite what the dr. had said I am very hesitant to take it and was wondering if it is considered safe. Also I am scheduled for a nerve block which consists of an injection of local anesthetic and steroids into my scapular nerve. Is there any information on this kind of procedure? Thanks in advance.

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    Buzz: This is a rather risky drug for a breastfeeding mother. We do not at present have data on this product, but due to its size and structure, i'd suggest levels in milk will be moderate.

    I'd suggest it is a bit too hazardous to use during breastfeeding. It will probably still be in milk about 4-6 hours AFTER administration.

    Sedation, and a low blood pressure are potential complications in a breastfed infant. I'd be very careful with this product. If you decide to use it, wait at least 4 hours before breastfeeding, and carefully observe your infant for sedation.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.