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    Hello, I am 33 and trying to conceive. I was diagnosed with mild PCOS a few years ago after having some issues so have been put back trying to conceive til now. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 7yrs old and was on Ritalin most of my life until I was 19. I stopped taking Ritalin when I moved from home and tried to cope with out. I failed miserably in life and in my employment. Since then I have been back to the doctors and was prescribed Concerta XL. I am now up to 27mg and worried about trying to conceive. I believe my best chances of doing so are when I'm not stressed out and 'happy' in my life. I do not feel I can be this with out my Concerta. I also can not do my job with out my medication. I'm really getting to the end of my prime for having a child and I already have the issues of some small cysts on one of my ovaries. I'm having regular periods, but terrible mood swings during menstruation and pre/post menses. As if my medication wasn't even working and i have PMT/PMS x1000%. I don't know what else to do, so we have started to try anyway. I'm not pregnant that I'm aware of, but I'm hoping to be. I'm frightened about coming off my meds and also of hurting my unborn child. There don't seem to be any horror stories about ADHDers having children on meds, but there also don't seem to be any stories at all!! No real studies or data to go on. Being in the UK now it's even worse as they just aren't on the same page as the US in research for such things. Many people in this country still believe ADHD is only a child disorder and it just means you have a naughty child!! Please can you help. Thank you.
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