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    I took vyvanse 40 mg the first five weeks of my pregnancy. Then I immediately stopped once finding out I was pregnant. I took it again at 18 weeks twice in a week. I want to know if I am at risk for autism with my child. I am currently 22 weeks and my anatomy scan showed everything normal but obviously autism is not seen on a brain scan and won’t be detected until later. Please tell me my risk for autism being that I took it during such a vital time. Also, does the placenta protect the fetus from receiving the vyvanse at all? Please help as I am very worried and stressed.

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    I think the risk of Autism spectrum disorder is exceedingly low. Most think it is a genetic disorder. We don't know for sure ANY correlation between autism spectrum disorder and amphetamines.

    I can't find any data that suggests a link between the two. We know that amphetamines may, particularly illicit ones, may lead to an increased risk of premature birth and low birth weight; newborns may experience symptoms of withdrawal. Behavioral problems may also occur later in childhood. But again, this may be genetic.

    I think you should relax and enjoy your pregnancy and new child.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.