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Recovering milk supply after furosemide

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  • Recovering milk supply after furosemide

    I have a complicated client!. Complications: preeclampsia with first 2 children, emergency C/S with first, emergency c/s with second, planned c/s with third. All three babies weighed more than 10 lbs, this baby was almost 12. Mom has insulin controlled dibetes, history of extremely high blood pressure, and the following signs of PCOS: very irregular menstrual cycle, hair on chest and chin, difficulty with weight loss, severe adolescent acne, adult acne; menarche at age 12-13, breast development at around 19. Nonetheless, baby transferred 3 ounces of milk in half an hour, not bad! Still, he's a hungry boy. Mom was put on labetalol and will likely be on it for the near future. Sadly she was also put on furosemide and goes off of it today. Once she goes off furosemide, is it likely her supply will rebound automatically or will she need to do something else to increase her supply? What would be safe? I researched and Malunggay seemed safe and indicated for both based on what I was able to find out. Thank you! Betsy Hoffmeister, IBCLC, RLC, Seattle, WA

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    please call the InfantRisk Center at 806-352-2519 to discuss this.
    Thanks, Sandra