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150mg of Effexor

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  • 150mg of Effexor

    I am currently taking 150mg of Effexor and have been for about a year and I am currently almost 8 weeks pregnant. My OB/GYN told me the benefits outweighed the risks. I am nervous after googling the side effects and came across deaths of infants which could have been linked to the use of effexor in the mother. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

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    Micheleb: We've been studying antidepressants for years in breastfeeding mothers. Thus far, there is no conclusive evidence that antidepressants are harmful to the infant. A few old studies suggested a slightly higher risk of pulmonary hypertension, which wanes in the infant after a week or so, but this is exceedingly rare.

    Further, virtually all of us in this field suggest that keeping mom healthy, and not depressed, is by far the best treatment. I'd say everyone I know suggests that treating depression is the best thing for the mom and the baby.

    If you need the antidepressant, and its working, by all means stay on this therapy.

    Tom Hale PhD
    InfantRisk Center