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  • Tylenol

    well, Ive been on percocet 70mg a day cutting down and used tylonal to supplement im 13 weeks. DID not know the tylonal was 500mg thought it was 325mg Been taking 1000mg to much a day for 2 months or so. so 5000 mg around ... im worried what will happen to my baby thats growing inside. I will be completely off percocets by 17 weeks or 18. Will my baby have with drawls? Should i think about terminating i dont want to. I cant sleep. Im so worried
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    You should continue to drop the tylenol doses per day for sure, maybe even discontinue it. Continue to drop the precoset as well slowly. If you are still on Percoset at delivery, the infant will go through withdrawal. Most Important: Consult your obstetrician and be honest with him/her about what you are taking.

    I think the infant will be just fine.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      My Ob gyn is very much aware. and knows about the meds. She said just taper off and stop the Tylenol as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reassuring us