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Avoiding withdrawl for baby before born

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  • Avoiding withdrawl for baby before born

    I have a question in regards to taking hydrocodone 10-325. I am now going on almost 35 weeks pregnant. I have been taking the pills daily for approximately 3 months, in last 3 weeks i have gone from 3 daily to 1 in fear my baby will have withdrawls. If i were to continue to take 1 daily what are chances of baby having withdrawls? Or should i stop completely now even if my withdrawls are making me feel like crap? Thank u

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    No one really knows how much hydrocodone is required to induce withdrawal in a newborn. Withdrawing from 3 to 1 daily will certainly help reduce the incidence of withdrawal in the infant. I still imagine some slight symptoms of withdrawal will occur and I'd suggest you stop all together the last 2 weeks of pregnancy...just to be careful.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.