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  • PastDueLowDosesfBothHeroin&Subutex

    I really hope somebody can get bk2me by tmrw, as I'm being induced Sun.morning! I'm 40wks already & w/NO complications,except for the heroin addiction I've been battling the whole time. I started 16mg of subutex a day, at 3mo. preg. but i kept doing some heroin. Snorting like $10 worth, (nvr more than $20). I was clean from the heroin for a few months here, another month there, etc. I got myself dwn to 8mg easily, ovr 2mo.ago. My Subutex dr. told me not quite a month ago to reduce to 4mg Subutex a day, for baby not2hv NAS. But b/c I'm stupid &apparently selfish beyond reason, I started using again. Currently, & for the past 2wks I've been iv using no more than $10 at a time, but twice a day, sometimes 3. Last wk i took only 4mg of subutex & felt absolutely fine! So I've been telling myself that the baby could very well NOT hv NAS. I kno it's no excuse & i should've done something sooner, but it's too late now. My induction is scheduled earlySun.morn & I'm so ashamed, words can't describe it. I just wish i could be as excited as i should be, as i have been the whole pregnancy.
    . My question is, would it be a good idea, since I've had not one complication, to put off the induction a few days (3-5days) so i can take the 4mg prescribed, giving baby a better chance of a happy entrance to the world, rather than an awful one. Or do u think i haven't been doing enough for him to have NAS. ($10 actually got me a buzz, meaning my tolerance is crazy low). ***Or if u think baby WILL have NAS, HOW BAD they will be?*** Both mine & daddy's family are extremely religious & will all be at the hospital. My (grand)mother (the preachers wife) is supposed 2b staying w/us after delivery but I'm so far beyond stressed trying to come up w/an estimate on ***how long baby might hv2stay in hospital.(?)*** Along w/everything else. So should I try& reschedule the induction a few days from now? I was 40wks this past Thurs. So I think if I try and schedule it for wed. I'll STILL be 40wks. Also, is stool drug testing mandatory? Or if i tell them I take subutex, will that gv them a reason to test it, as well as my urine? Is calling CPS standard in all NAS cases, no matter the level of severity? I really hope sum1 can answer at least one of my questions before Sunday. I'm a nervous wreck.

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    PastDue Addict:

    Your best bet is the deliver your infant safely and forgo breastfeeding. I think your are a bit too risky to breastfeed.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.