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Glutathione & Breastfeeding

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  • Glutathione & Breastfeeding

    I was wondering if I could take Glutathione while breastfeeding my 17 month old.
    He is currently breastfeeding throughout the day. I would guess maybe 16 oz?
    I would be taking it for egg quality, based on "Review on the role of glutathione on oxidative stress and infertility" from NCBI

    Thank you!

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    Below I copied this out of a paper about antioxidants. Basically glutathione is almost completely UNABSORBED orally. It is rapidly metabolized in the GI tract.

    I don't think it worth the effort to take it orally.

    Tom Hale

    Researchers suggest that GSH is poorly absorbed by oral route mainly due to the action of an intestinal enzyme, the γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) which degrades GSH[16] ([url][/url]). Several studies showed that GSH supplementation in animals is effective, with benefits in the enhancement of immune function[17] ([url];[/url] protection against the carcinogenesis process[18] ([url];[/url] and improvement of the elimination of toxic chemicals[19] ([url][/url]).

    However, in humans, the effectiveness of an oral supplementation with GSH is very controversial. A number of studies were conducted but using intravenous or nebulized GSH. The results of studies conducted with oral GSH are mixed [20,21] ([url][/url]). This differential absorption of oral GSH between humans and rats/mice could be explained by a difference in quantity and activity of the intestinal GGT enzyme [21] ([url][/url]).

    Although oral GSH appears to be the most convenient and safe way to take GSH, the lack of efficacy explains why this form is not often used in clinical trials.

    Redox Biol ([url][/url]). 2015 Dec; 6: 198–205.
    Published online 2015 Jul 29. doi: 10.1016/j.redox.2015.07.012 ([url][/url])
    PMCID: PMC4536296
    PMID: 26262996 ([url][/url])Effects of N-acetylcysteine, oral glutathione (GSH) and a novel sublingual form of GSH on oxidative stress markers: A comparative crossover study.

    Bernard Schmitt ([url][/url] _uid=26262996),a Morgane Vicenzi ([url][/url] _uid=26262996),b Catherine Garrel ([url][/url] uid=26262996),c and Frédéric M. Denis ([url][/url] uid=26262996)b,


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      Thank you! I'd seen someone mention taking it through an IV, so I guess that explains why.


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