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  • Chromium


    Can you please tell me how much Chromium is safe for me to take whilst breastfeeding a three and a half year old?

    Would 200 ug or 400 ug be ok per day?

    Thank you

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    I don't know that anyone knows what the safe dose is. In YOUR case with a 3.5 year old infant, I really doubt much ever gets to the infant as your milk production is pretty low at this time. But I would be careful and not exceed 25-45 µg/day.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.

    from Lamson Alternative Medicine Review ◆ Volume 7, Number 3 ◆ 2002

    The only trials conducted in humans showed no subjective toxicity or abnormal liver or renal function tests at 1000 mcg daily in diabetics over four months or at 500 mcg after one year. The clastogenic potential reported for Cr III picolinate in vitro was not produced by other Cr compounds, nor was it able to be reproduced in vivo in animals.

    Chromium Dosage Criteria The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has replaced acceptable daily intake (ADI) with calculated reference dose (RfD). The RfD is calculated from the No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOEL) or the Lowest Observed Effect Level (LOAEL) from animal or human experiments. From this data, safety factors are applied consisting of “uncertainty factors” and a “modifying factor.”37 The RfD has been calculated for Cr III at 70 mg per day, reflecting theweight of a 70 kg man at a rounded per kg dosage of 1 mg from the actual RfD of 1.47 mg/kg. The RfD reflects a staggering 350 times the Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake (ESADDI) of 50-200 mcg.37 The ratio of RfD to ESADDI is less than 2
    for zinc, about 2 for manganese, and about 6 for selenium as compared to 350 for chromium.38 The ESADDI value for chromium has been criticized for the arbitrary “safe and adequate” dosage being 350 times less than that of the RfD, given the lack of toxicity or adverse effects of Cr III.37,38 This suggests dietary supplementation may be greatly underdosed.