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Ubiquinol (Bioavailable form of CoQ10)

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  • Ubiquinol (Bioavailable form of CoQ10)

    I'm asking this question too late, but here it goes:

    I am currently still breastfeeding my 21 month old daughter, while trying to achieve our second pregnancy. Due to diminished egg quality, I have been taking 100-200mg of Ubiquinol, which as I understand it, has a much higher absorption rate than Ubiquinone (CoQ10). I started taking it when my daughter was about 16 months at 100mg, then ramped up to 200mg when she was about 18 months. In the span of that time, I have been nursing 3-4 times a day.

    I've stopped taking it since I've read some semi-related posts here, but I'm wondering if you have any insight on the level of risk I've exposed her to by taking that level of the bioavailable form? And if the risk was in excess, what if any suggestions do you have for me to take? Just contact her pediatrician?

    I know little research exists for it's safety and I think poor sources eased any of my concerns about taking it in the first place, (prior to me finding this resource). I appreciate any insight you might be able to provide, whether that be reassuring or concerning.

    Thank you.