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    I am an IBCLC that works in a hospital. We use to provide Lanolin from Medela but currently we have ran out and pharmacy has started to provide the mothers with Lanolin Hydrous Grx Brand, active ingredient Lanolin Anhydrous 72%. On the tube it reads "in the event of accidental ingestion contact a Posion Control Center right away".
    For the directions it states 'cleanse area with mild soap and water'.

    Our staff has questioned the safety of this medication for the infant. Is mother suppose to wash this off prior to every breastfeeding session - if so does she need to use soap and water to do or simply just a wet baby wipe. Then does she need to wash the nipples with soap and water everytime prior to use (this could be up to 8-10x per day).

    Pharmacy was contacted here and one tech told us not to use it for breastfeeding mothers and if we did then mother would need to wash it off with soap and water, while others have said it is fine and there is no harm nor is there a need to wash it off.

    Please help clarify this situation for us. If it does need to be wiped off with soap and water per each use is there another alternative. I have been told that aquaphor can be used but have not seen any information about that.

    Thank you,
    Jessica Callahan RN, IBCLC

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    Without a package insert or something, there is no way to tell what else this Lanolin GRX has in it. Sounds as though there is 38% of something else. I perused the internet, but could not find its exact content.

    Without knowing what the other 28% is, I would warn against its use. And washing it off defeats the whole purpose. Lanolin is both a skin protectant, but also a lubricant on the nipple which reduces skin trauma during breastfeeding. Washing it off eliminates most of its usefulness.

    I'd suggest you use a good manufactured product like Medela's or Lansinoh's products.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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