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Toothpaste: PreviDent 5000ppm

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  • Toothpaste: PreviDent 5000ppm

    I have been prescribed PreviDent 5000pm, which contains 1.1% sodium fluoride and 5% potassium nitrate. I have found contradictory information on-line regarding whether it is safe to use this product while breastfeeding. Some sources say that breastfeeding should be avoided and others say that safety during lactation is unknown. I have a 15-mo old son who nurses several times a day. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.

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    I would like to suggest you to use the toothpaste which is fluoride free, fluoride may he harmful. BTW, you can have a look for some better and fluoride free toothpastes at [url][/url] ([url][/url])
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