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Celestone Shot, Clobex Spray & Topicort Ointment

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  • Celestone Shot, Clobex Spray & Topicort Ointment

    I had to stop breastfeeding when I was taking Prednisone a month ago (3/15-4/1). I was recently given a Celestone shot and prescribed Clobex and Topicort. I am eager to resume breastfeeding and would like to know when would it be safe to do so.

    How long does Celestone, Clobex and Topicort stay in my system and/or affect breastmilk?

    I'm hesitant to use Clobex because I read it can affect the adrenal glands in me. Since my 6 month year old is very 'grabby' with her hands these days, I'm worried that the medicine will get on her and affect her as well.

    Dermatologist says I can continue using Topicort and breastfeed, but just wait 3 hours after application. Will there still be traces of the drug in my system after 3 hours? I'm concerned because I do have some eczema patches around my breasts and worried that it's absorbed onto the milkducts.

    Please advise. Thank you!

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    I'd suggest caution with Clobex, but Topicort sounds fine, as it is virtually unabsorbed topically. The three hour wait is probably not required, but its not a bad idea either. Fortunately, the corticosteroids transfer into milk very poorly, and it is very unlikely to get systemic effects in the infant.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thank you Dr. Hale.

      I'm relieve to hear that the absorption of Topicort is low. Is there any concern in using Topicort in large areas of the body and/or for prolonged periods?

      I came across many websites, like WebMD and RxList which states that Topicort should not be used over a large areas of the body. I was so nervous while using Topicort, since almost my entire left forearm is inflamed and weeping in addition to numerous inflamed eczema patches all over my body.

      I am still trying to figure out the cause of my inflammation, but for the time being I may need to use it on and off as the inflammation keeps creeping back up. Could you tell me if I were to use Topicort on all these patches, would it be too much and how long is too long?

      Thank you.


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        I simply can't answer your questions accurately. Its all relative to how bad the lesions are, and how much of these drugs are absorbed. The one thing to remember about steroids and infants, is that it takes prolonged exposure, weeks to months to produce changes in bone growth and immune effects in infants. Further, most corticosteroids don't enter milk significantly, as their chemistry is wrong for transferring into human milk.

        I'd suggest you talk with you physician about other therapies, or as a last resort, could start using a formula for about 1/2 of your feeds. This would reduce you infants exposure.

        I'm sorry that I don't have a good answer for you, but high potency topical steroids over a prolonged period are somewhat of a risk factor for a breastfeeding infant.

        Tom Hale Ph.D.


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          Good to know. Thank you again Dr. Hale for all the information you've given me :-).