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Asthma Inhers: Albuterol & Dulera

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  • Asthma Inhers: Albuterol & Dulera

    Are albuterol and dulera inhalers safe to use when breastfeeding?

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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    Albuterol and Dulera (mometasone + formoteral) are both very safe for breastfeeding women and their babies. For all three of the medications, less than 10% of what you use in an inhaler is actually absorbed into your blood stream. They act locally on the lining of your airway. We don't know exactly how much of what is in the blood transfers into the milk, but it is expected to be very low. Even then, what makes it into the milk is only partially absorbed by the baby.

    Albuterol is used directly in babies at doses far in excess of what we expect to find in the milk. Formoterol is like a long-acting albuterol. Mometasone is a medium-potency steroid. Steroids are discussed in more detail here:

    Please call us at the InfantRisk Center if this has not completely answered your question.*(806)352-2519

    -James Abbey, MD