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Decadron & Depo Medrol Injection

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  • Decadron & Depo Medrol Injection

    I have severe allergies which lead to bronchitis and then to pneumonia. I was given a shot with 2 steriods (decadron & depo medrol) and was told to pump and dump for 5 days before resuming breastfeeding. Is that really necessary? The decadron will leave my system by 48 hrs but the depo medrol takes longer. I have frozen milk and my daughter is 7 months however I am concerned on a major decrease in supply going that long.

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    No, this is not correct. First, corticosteroids barely enter milk, even following huge doses (1000 mg IV). We just published a study of a mom who received 3 days of 1000 mg IV methylprednisolone, and levels after 6 hours were exceedingly low.

    I'd suggest you go back to breastfeeding.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    Cooper C., Felkins K, Baker T, Hale T. Transfer of Methylprednisolone into Human Milk. J. Hum Lact. 2014. J Hum Lact. 2015 May;31(2):237-9.