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60 mg Prednisone with tapering

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    These doses are far too low to bother a breastfeeding infant. If you want to wait 4 hours after the dose, this would possibly help a bit, but i'm not sure its worth the effort.

    Steroids tend to enter milk poorly, which is fortunate.

    Tom Hale PH.d.

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  • Slindenberger2
    started a topic 60 mg Prednisone with tapering

    60 mg Prednisone with tapering

    I was prescribed prednisone with a tapering schedule of 60 mg for 5 days, 40 mgs for 2 days, 20 mgs for 2 days and 10 mgs for 2 days?

    I am EBF my 7 week old and wanted to know if this was safe.

    Should I avoid nursing for 4 hours after taking the prescribed doses for the entire time/schedule or just while taking the 60 mgs for the 5 days and be able to go back to breastfeeding after taking the medication without worrying about a time limit?

    Thank you, Sarah
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