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please help! xanax & bf

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  • please help! xanax & bf

    I was prescribed xanax. I took 1.5miligrams yesterday and waited four hours before nursing again. My daughter was six weeks early. Today, I've taken two milligrams. How long should I wait before nursing her again? Also, if I've taken xanax on Thursday and Friday....could I theoretically pass a urine screen on Monday morning. This is my first time taking this drug, but I get tested for a job on Monday. Please help!!! Please!!!!

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    Also, if I took xanax the night before would remnants of the xanax still a be in the breast milk twelve hours later? Please help, I'm so scared. Also if it could show up in urine screen what can I do to flush system.


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      Hi, thanks for your post.

      The half-life of Xanax in adults is 12-15 hours. That means that half of what you took is gone in 12 hours, then half of what's left in another 12, and so on. Babies get about 8% of what mom takes through the breastmilk. This is usually too little to be noticeable, but watch your child for excessive sleepiness just the same. If your child has no symptoms and you use the Xanax in moderate doses, there should be no problem with breastfeeding on this medication without a waiting period.

      I do not know how sensitive your employer's drug screen is.

      Please call us at the InfantRisk Center if this has not completely answered your question.*(806)352-2519

      -James Abbey, MD


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        I have a question along these lines but am unable to start a new thread. Is it proper etiquette to piggy back on a question in the same thread?