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IV fluorescein angiography and aflibercet eylea eye injection

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  • wholegang
    Thank you Kaytlin, i appreciate that information. I am 4 days past the fluorocein angiography so hopefully it will be ok now. I will stay aware re skin.

    (sorry for the cross posting across forum, I wasn’t sure which one to post in.)

    many thanks

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  • kaytlin
    Hi wholegang,

    You're right, the risk would be about the IV fluorescein, and we usually recommend a waiting period of 3-7 days based on the dose you were given (A lower dose is ~200mg, whereas a higher dose is ~500 mg). However, a 9 month old can probably tolerate more than a neonate. Depending on your dose, I would recommend to pump and dump for at least 48 hours and then just do your best to limit their milk consumption for a bit after that. The biggest risk is of phototoxicy--it would look like a sunburn.

    If it is the comfort you and your baby are missing, it would probably be safe to offer your breast to the baby immediately after you've pumped as a compromise.

    Kaytlin Krutsch, PharmD

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  • IV fluorescein angiography and aflibercet eylea eye injection

    Hello there,

    I was diagnosed with PIC last week and given an intravenous fluorescein angiography and aflibercet eylea eye injection. I was advised to stop breastfeeding for 7-10 days. However my 9 month old and I are finding this very distressing and she will not take a bottle.

    I have found conflicting information, most says it is ok to breastfeed after the eylea aflibercet injection and with reference to the fluorescein angiography some says to pump and dump for 48 hours or 4 days or 7 days.

    Please can you advise what your suggestion would be?

    Many thanks