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Working at oncology during breastfeeding

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  • Working at oncology during breastfeeding

    Hi, my daughter is going back to work, after her delivery. She is working as a doctor at oncology, working with radio-isotopen and other radioactive drugs. She is still breastfeeding and will pump at work. Is it safe to give this breastmilk to the baby (3 months old). She comes in contact with the treated patients, not with the medications. Thank you'.

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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    Yes, that milk is perfectly safe, even if it is exposed to significant radiation at work. Medical radioisotopes produce beta and gamma particles, which are kinds of radiation that are not capable of making other things radioactive. She should continue to follow all standard work precautions to protect herself from radiation and contaminated bodily fluids. As long as she does not spill a radioisotope or contaminated bodily fluids on herself, the baby at home will not be exposed to any radiation from work.

    For anyone reading this, please post again or call us at the InfantRisk Center, (806)352-2519, if this has not completely answered your question. I would also appreciate you filling out a 2 minute survey about your time on the forum:

    -James Abbey, MD


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