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Shingless vaccine and breastfeeding

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  • Shingless vaccine and breastfeeding

    I am 34 year old and have had 4 shingles outbreaks since June '08. I cannot begin ti tell you how sick and tired I am of this little bugger, lol.

    They usually come around having a baby or being pregnant, which is to be expected since I'm a healthy young woman, with a relatively low stress life (as much as you can have with 3 boys and a fourth on the way)

    First time was 5 day post partum with my second, second time was 5 days postpartum with my third, third time was when I was 10 weeks pregnant with this current pregnancy. All these thee times I got the rash on my right eye, I was given Valtrex and all was fine, breastfeeding went fine (although many doctors freaked out)

    My newest outbreak is just happening, this time on my back and much MUCH painful than all the other, at 30 weeks pregnant which, for some strange reason, has coincided with preterm labor. The doctors don't know if the two are connected, all my other pregnancies have been problem free.

    My OB wants me on Valtrex until I have the baby, a lower dosage than the first week (first week was 1G every 8 hours) this time is 500mg twice a day) she is worried I might get another outbreak closer to delivery.

    MY question, to this very long story, is if it's ok to get the shingles vaccine while nursing, I plan on nursing this boy until he self weans (like all my kids) and I just cannot deal with more shingles.

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    Dear Ainara,

    Although the Zostervax vaccine is contraindicated during pregnancy, that is not the case with breastfeeding. There is no established evidence to show transmission of the vaccine virus into breastmilk, thus appears to be compatible with breastfeeding.

    Areeba Anam, B.S., M.S., PharmD. candidate 2013