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  • Guselkumab / Tremfya

    I have been on Humira (2nd go around) for almost a year. I am breastfeeding my 15 month old and Humira is not doing anything for me, so my dermatologist suggested Tremfya. The pediatrician said they didn't find anything on Tremfya and breastfeeding. My dermatologist says Tremfya is similar to Humira, like they're in the same "category". Is it okay to take tremfya while breastfeeding?

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    To date, there are no data regarding the transfer of this monoclonal antibody into human milk. Guselkumab is a large protein with a molecular weight of 143,600 Daltons. It is unlikely to enter human milk in significant amounts. Oral absorption of guselkumab would be exceedingly low, the drug would probably be destroyed in the infant’s GI tract and thus further reduce infant exposure.

    We have women all over the world breastfeeding while using these monoclonals, and they seem to do OK. I'd suggest its probably safe to use it, particularly in your case, with an older infant.

    Tom Hale, Ph.D.


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      Dr. Hale,

      Thank you for this information! This is helpful.



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