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Statins while Breastfeeding

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  • Statins while Breastfeeding

    My primary care physician prescribed me 80mg of Pravastatin on Friday when I went for a follow up blood panel result. All of my other blood work came back normal and I have good health otherwise including a normal BMI and had a low risk pregnancy but because my LDL was 195 the doctor said my cholesterol was very high and he wanted to put me on this medication along with some diet changes. He told me that the medicine is safe to take while breastfeeding but I noticed this morning when I was taking it that the bottle says to not take it while nursing. My baby is 3 months old and I plan to breastfeed him for at least another 9 months and wanting to get a second opinion on if I should be taking this long term. I have a follow up appointment with my PCP but it is not until the middle of June. I do not want to cause any harm to my baby and breastfeeding him is extremely important to me.

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    We have little data on this statin drug. An old study done in 1988 suggests that at a maternal dose of 40 mg per day, peak milk levels were 3.9 micograms/Liter for pravastatin and 2.1 mcg for the metabolite. This is indeed a low dose. I think it would be safe for your infant.

    If you decide to breastfeed, we'd like to collect milk samples from you to analyze the drug at a later date. Go to our site to register: [url][/url]

    Tom Hale Ph.D.
    InfantRisk Center

    Pan H, Fleiss P, Moore L, et al. Excretion of pravastatin, an HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, in breast milk of lactating women. J Clin Pharmacol. 1988;28:942. Abstract. PMID.


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