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Letrozole and Toddler Nursing

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  • Letrozole and Toddler Nursing

    I'm hoping to get some advice on taking letrozole while occasionally and minimally nursing a 2 year old boy (probably about 10 minutes total day over 1-3 short sessions). My wife and I are trying for baby #2, so we would be using letrozole to stimulate another follicle as I already ovulate on my own. My son nurses at bedtime for a brief time and once or twice overnight for an even briefer time. Additionally, my clinic has prescribed 7.5 mg of letrozole--could the potentially dangerous effects of letrozole be mitigated slightly by reducing the dosage to 5 mg? Thank you for any advice on how to proceed here.

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    We cannot advise the safety with the use of Letrozole, it is rated an L5-hazardous. A normal dose is 2.5mg a day. We recommend not breastfeeding while using Letrozole, and for 10 days following the last dose. Here is how our data reads :"No data are available on its transfer to human milk but I would suspect the levels are low. However, this product works irreversibly and any present in milk could potentially suppress estrogen levels in a breastfed infant. The transfer of small amounts of this agent to an infant could seriously impair bone growth or sexual development of an infant and for this reason it is probably somewhat hazardous to use in a breastfeeding mother.It has a very long half-life which is concerning in a breastfed infant and could lead to higher plasma levels over time. It is not advisable to breastfeed an infant while consuming this product. Discontinue breastfeeding while taking this product or for a period of ten days following its discontinuation." (Medications and Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale PhD).

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center


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      Hi krongstad did you use letrozole in the end to get pregnant? I too trying to get pregnant with baby num2 with minimal breastfeeding. Baby no 1 is 21 month old. I've been prescribed by dr to take 2.5mg letrozole twice in a day. I've been worried on the side effect for my baby. Could you let me know if you take letrozole in the end and whether it's safe for your baby?