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Clomid while nursing my 11 month old

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  • Clomid while nursing my 11 month old


    I will be starting clomid to try and conceive baby number two in December. I’m currently nursing my almost 11 months old (December 3rd) I know that the medication is generally safe, but I’m concerned about my supply dropping. I currently pump an extra 10-15oz a day on top of nursing him all day. How likely is it that my supply will drop? And what do I do if it does? I have a months worth in the freezer just in case. He sleeps 7pm-7am so should I take the pills at night? Thank you so much!

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    We are no longer advising the safety of clomid while nursing.

    "We do not know at present if the small amount present in human milk would cause problems in the ovaries of a female infant. Its probably unlikely, but unfortunately, this product has a half life of about 5 days, which means it could be present in milk for up to 2-3 weeks. Thus exposure to your infants ovaries may be potentially significant over this time period."(Dr Hale in a previous post).

    The safety in male infants is also unknown.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center