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  • Clomid

    Dr. Hale,

    I'm in a breastfeeding while undergoing fertility FB group that focuses on safety of various fertility medications while breastfeeding. In this group, Clomid was always listed as a compatible drug. Various members had called the infant risk line, and were all told that clomid was safe for the short duration of 5 days.

    Recently a member screenshotted a reply from you and posted it to the group where you expressed significant concern in the case of girl babies in regard to safety of the ovaries.

    Hoping you could clarify if at this time, you consider clomid to be INCOMPATIBLE with breastfeeding.

    I'm nursing my 20 month old daughter 2 times per day, and I had planned to move forward with clomid as I had thought it was compatible with breastfeeding. I could probably even get her down to just once a day for two weeks (pump and dump the second session), if necessary. Do you feel that the amount of a milk my daughter is getting from 1 or 2 breastfeeding sessions is a high enough volume that I should consider clomid an incompatible drug? Or do you feel that in this case it would be relatively safe?