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  • Aimovig

    My neurologist wants me to try a new drug for my chronic migraines call aimovig. Is this safe to use while breastfeeding? Baby is 11 months.

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    Aimovig is not in our database, but we have asked Dr Hale before about this medication. He stated that there are no studies available on the transfer of this medication into breast milk. It is a monoclonal antibody with a large molecular weight of 145,000 dalton. He thinks it is probably ok to use while nursing because the large molecular weight would limit it's entry into breast milk plus it will mostly be destroyed in the infants stomach prior to absorption. Because there are no studies each mother needs to understand the risk and benefit of using this type of medication, but probably a low risk as long as your infant is not symptomatic. Monitor your infant for frequent infections, vomiting, fever, and make sure they are gaining weight appropriately.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center


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      Hi! This is very interesting, as I hope I can keep breastfeeding after I start Aimovig. But ofcourse I want to be very careful, so I hope I can ask some more. Above you speak of molecular weight and oral bio-availability, on the website you also speak of other factors that play a role in determining whether breastfeeding and medication are compatible: proteine binding, lipophicility, the blood level attained in the maternal circulation, and ion trapping: Are these also things to reckon with in the case of Erenumab? Can you say something about them, regarding Erenumab? Thank you in advance; it is so hard to find experts in this field!