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Deferiprone and Breastfeeding

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  • Deferiprone and Breastfeeding

    A mother will be treated with Deferiprone 1x3 oral pc. She would like to continue breastfeeding but she is not sure about this medication. I did not find Deferiprone in Hale's Medications and Mothers' Milk 2021. Please suggest.
    Thank you very much.

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    Hi Lactation Clinic,

    While there is no direct research on this drug, we do believe it will pass into milk due to its small size, low protein binding, oral bioavailability, and low volume of distribution. In a breastfed child, the drug may also reduce their iron levels creating a risk for anemia. It is not used in children less than two and can have some serious side effects, for example, reducing white blood cell counts. For these reasons, the manufacturer recommends waiting 2 weeks after the last dose to breastfeed.

    Injectable alternatives are probably a better choice for breastfeeding, as their oral bioavailability is low.

    Dr. Kaytlin Krutsch, PharmD


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      Dear Dr. Krutsch,

      Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.