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DHEA & Breastfeeding

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  • DHEA & Breastfeeding

    I have read that DHEA is not recommended while breastfeeding, because it is a precursor to hormones, but I was wondering if that is due to passing into into breastmilk before it is absorbed by my body, or due to increasing the mother's DHEA level?
    My DHEA levels are quite low and I am breastfeeding my 17 month old throughout the day. I would guess maybe 16 oz?
    I took it when trying to conceive my son, as I have diminished ovarian reserve.
    I obviously don't want to hurt my son, but I also want to maximize the chance to give him a sibling.

    Thank you!

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    Trying: I'm sorry but I don't really believe in messing around with DHEA, and many other substances, while you're trying to conceive or even while breastfeeding for that matter. We don't really know much about the endocrine effects of this lipid. The body generally knows what it is doing with these products and we unfortunately don't know much about this. When in doubt, just don't do it.

    My advise would be to limit your dosage of DHEA during conception.

    Tom Hale PhD.


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      My body knows what it's doing, since I have diminished ovarian reserve & it thinks I'm done. I just disagree with it...
      My doctor is supportive of it for conception, but my concern is the potential impact on my nursing son.

      If the concern is increasing *my* levels to dangerous levels and thus passing it through the milk, then there is little to no concern.
      If the DHEA would pass through the milk from the supplement, rather than my levels, then I see the worry.