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metronidazole vaginal .75% gel and breastfeeding

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  • metronidazole vaginal .75% gel and breastfeeding

    Dr. Hale,

    I was recently prescribed metronidazole vaginal .75% gel for 5 days. I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old. I was wondering if it is safe to continue to take my prenatal vitamin and 6400 IU of vitamin D along with it?

    Thank you so much for your time and what you do.
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    Metronidazole gel is rated an L2-no data-probably compatible. "Following topical application of 1 g of metronidazole gel to the face (equivalent to 7.5 mg metronidazole base), the maximum serum concentration was only 66 ng/mL in only 1 of 10 patients (in 3 of the 10 patients, levels were undetectable). This concentration is 100 times less than the serum concentrations achieved following the oral ingestion of just one 250 mg tablet. Therefore, the topical application of metronidazole gel provides exceedingly low plasma levels in the mother and minimal to no levels in milk." (Medications and Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale PhD).

    Vitamin D is rated an L1-no data-probably compatible. Do not exceed 10,000IU in 24 hours, or 50,000IU a week.

    Sandra Lovato
    InfantRisk Center