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Aspirin, breastfeeding and chicken pox vaccine

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  • Aspirin, breastfeeding and chicken pox vaccine

    I currently take 81 mg of aspirin once daily and I am breastfeeding my almost one year old. She is scheduled to get her one year vaccines soon and one of them is the chicken pox vaccine. I noticed on the CDC website that it says not to give aspirin for 6 weeks after the chicken pox vaccine. I am obviously not giving my daughter aspirin directly but I wasn’t sure if even the small amount that may be in my milk would put her at risk for Reye’s syndrome. Thank you for your help!

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    We've just finished publishing levels of Aspirin in milk. They are undetectable. We did find low levels of a the metabolite of aspirin (salicylic acid), but we found NO levels of aspirin itself. I'm sure that the small amount of aspirin left in milk is so low that it would not cause a problem, or for that matter even show up on our highly sophisticated instrument.

    You might talk with your Pediatrician. The aspirin and chickenpox problem occurred many many years ago when they were using high oral doses of aspirin in children that had ACTIVE chickenpox infections. The vaccine today is a highly attenuated or weakened virus.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.