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    I took 5htp for PND when breastfeeding my daughter (she was over 6 months) and I have now found on the kellymom site that this is not recommended due to a study which suggests that it can cause neurological damage/suppress lactation. There is no link to the study so I was wondering if you had it please as I was sent in this direction. I am curious what neurological issues it could cause, when they could become apparent and ideally I would like to read more on the study as I am now concerned.

    Many thanks

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    (Copied over from old review system)

    Posted by radiohead
    Social Anxiety Background
    I've suffered from GAD/SA for approximately 5 or so years now. I have general anxiety/depression, and also pretty severe social anxiety that prevents me from doing every day things. When around strangers or even people I know most of the time: nervousness, shaky/restlessness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, trouble saying what I mean/think, difficulty maintaining eye contact and basically destroying my chances at a real relationship.

    Other Treatments
    I have tried many different medicines, as well as some counseling(group and individual). I took Zoloft and Lexapro before, they didn't do much for me. I also did Lamictal(Lamitrogine) 200mg for awhile and had some very positive results with little side effects. I plan on maybe going back on Lamictal.

    Treatment Experience
    5-HTP, from initial experiences, is a helpful supplement in general anxiety and social anxiety. I will have to recommend you really pay attention to it's instructions though, otherwise you could feel adverse side effects like I've read.

    -Only take 50mg's the first 3-5 days
    -Take the pill after/while eating a meal
    -You need to wait 3-5 days each time you want to increase your dose, and only increase 50mg at a time

    If you follow these important methods in taking 5-HTP I believe you can have successful results from it. After a few days(still at 50mg) I have noticed many things:

    -Increased talking to family
    -Better overall mood
    -Fall asleep quicker and sleep heavier
    -Slightly less general anxiety overall

    I would recommend that anyone try this. I really think it might be as effective with Serotonin as even SSRI's(just my opinion of course). I wake up feeling better than usual since being on 5-HTP, which is a big lift for me as I have always struggled with mornings. I've also been less anxious overall, so I think it really helps GAD as well. Follow the directions on taking it and positive things can come out of it.

    PS: In combination with L-Tyrosine(for dopamine/norepinephrine) I have had even better results. All natural too.