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Petasites, or butterbur

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  • cpride
    Dear Carolee,

    Herbal products are considered L4 due to lack of safety data. Dr. Hale recommends consultation with a herbal specialist before consuming herbal products during pregnancy or lactation as some are unsafe. In the Natural Standard database, Butterbur is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to lack of safety data. Natural Standard also states that raw butterbur that has not been processed should not be consumed due to pyrrolizidine alkaloid content which may cause hepatotoxicity and increase cancer risk. Hope this information is helpful.

    Cindy Pride, MSN, CPNP
    TTUHSC InfantRisk Center
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  • Carolee
    started a topic Petasites, or butterbur

    Petasites, or butterbur

    In April 2012 new guidelines were developed jointly by the AAN and the American Headache Society for the prevention of episodic migraine. Petasites was added with level A evidence to the short list of substances that can prevent migraine headaches. 75g bid is the current adult dosage for prevention.

    I have found little information on Petasites for lactating women. Many of the recommendations address butterbur in its unrefined form as being potentially toxic to the liver. It does not address the more purified form, Petasites.

    Are there any research based recommendations regarding Petasites and breastfeeding?