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  • Papaya enzyme

    Finding mixed reviews about papaya enzyme while breastfeeding. Have found some research that indicated reducing supple, other research say no decrease. Would love your thoughts. Thanks

    Kim Guelig IBCLC, RLC, LLLL

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    Papaya use in a mother is probably not a major problem for the breastfed infant, although I think it not worth the risk.
    I would not know about reducing supply, but there are strong suggestions is a moderate abortifacient, and in some cases may be contaminated with ethylene dibromide to control fruit flies, or arsenic if from Indian origin.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    From the source Natural Standard: The use of nipple creams, some of which contained papaya, has been identified as a potential risk factor for developing mastitis in breastfeeding women (103). Small amounts of poliovirus have been shown experimentally to survive on the surface of cubed papaya fruit and in mashed papaya, despite several hours of refrigeration (104). Papaya was one of several fruits and vegetables consumed by shipyard workers who developed a salmonella infection in Singapore in 1966.


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      Thanks for sharing the info. Very Useful.