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  • Evening Primrose Oil

    Is evening primrose oil safe while breastfeeding? My son is 5 months old.
    My dermatologist has recommended it for rosacea and sebhorreic dermatitis.

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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    Evening primrose oil is essentially a supplement of certain kinds of fats that the body has a hard time making for itself. It is kind of like fish oil in this respect, although the specific fats are different. Two small studies of breastfeeding women taking primrose oil by mouth showed no adverse effects in their infants. This product is likely to be safe for use in breastfeeding if used in moderate doses either by mouth or directly on the skin. As with all herbal medications:

    1. Read the label carefully and buy from a reputable manufacturer.
    2. Do not use a formulation of this product that is combined with other herbal medications. Simpler is better for your baby.
    3. If you use this on your skin, avoid exposing your child directly to residues on your hands, breasts, or clothing.
    4. Stop using this product immediately if you or your child develop a rash, facial swelling, or difficulty breathing.
    5. This product may interact with other herbs or medications that you take. Ask a pharmacist if you have concerns about medication interactions.
    6. Primrose oil in particular may worsen a pre-existing seizure disorder or problem with the heart rhythm. Do not use this product if you or your baby have been diagnosed with one of these problems.

    Please call us at the InfantRisk Center if this has not completely answered your question.*(806)352-2519

    -James Abbey, MD