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  • Siberian Pine Nut Oil

    Dear Dr Hale

    I am currently still nursing my two and a half year old baby girl.

    I suffer with stomach ulcer pain and have been taking Peploc 20 mg daily for some time now. But I would like to stop and instead take something called " The Other Option". It is pure Siberian Pine Nut Oil.
    If you Google it, their website says that you can give it directly to babies in small amounts, as long as they have no nut allergy, which my baby doesn't have.

    Would it be safe for me to nurse and take this product?

    Below is the nutritional info on it.

    ​​​​​100% Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil
    Pinolenic Acid
    Linoleic acid
    Oleic acid
    Stearic acid

    mg per 5ml
    820-1095 mg
    1960-2188 mg
    1003-1095 mg
    91-228 mg
    Vitamins per 5ml dosage of Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil:
    Vitamin A 1.46 mcg, Vitamin D 3.1 mcg, Vitamin E 2.5 mg

    Minerals per 5ml dosage of Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil:
    Calcium 5 mg, Copper 182 mcg, Iron 866 mcg, Manganese 729 mcg, Magnesium 25 mg, Phosphorus 38 mg, Potassium 30 mg, Sodium 9 mg, Zinc 912 mcg.

    Thanks so much

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    Peploc contains ranitidine. 20 mg daily for this is practically worthless, as the normal dose is 150 mg two to three times daily.

    From you description above, siberian pine nut oil contains fatty acids, but I'm sure there are many other compounds present.

    So, I can't really tell you Cold Pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil is safe to use while breastfeeding. There are too many unanswered questions here.

    I'd stick with Ranitidine or famotidine (Pepcid) and increase the dose if you need it.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.