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Abcuts while pregnant and relora & NAC while breastfeeding

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  • Abcuts while pregnant and relora & NAC while breastfeeding

    My daughter is on the extreme chunky side and I'm worried that continuing my abcuts towards the end of pregnancy may play part in that. She is not a big eater so that is why I am worried. Also, I suffer from depression and anxiety and it has affected me significantly and I am also very scared it is having a negative effect on how I care for her. I do not want to continue my medication while breastfeeding but was beginning to take NAC for my symptoms and Relora but am scared about the effects of it on her while breast feeding. I thought they would be safer than xanax .
    Also, I was on a number of medications the first two months I was pregnant, vyvanse, topamax, celexa, xanax and seroquel but discontinued using them once I found out. Would this contribute to her excessive weight gain?

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    Sorry, but you question is outside of my expertise. You need to talk to your pediatrician concerning your daughter.

    But as for your own personal health and that of your infant, I'd strongly advise you get help with your depression and other symptoms while breastfeeding. Go see your pediatrician and your own physician.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.